3 Benefits of Choosing Flat Roofing

Are you searching for a roofing company in the Philadelphia area that provides numerous roofing services including repairs and installations? If so, your search stops with Philly Roofing. We have been providing full-service roofing on both commercial and residential properties for more than 25 years, and our years of experience have helped us to become one of the most trusted roofing contractors in the area.


We understand the layouts and designs, along with pros and cons, of all different type of roofing installations, and we wanted to shed some light on the benefits of flat roofing. If you’ve had questions of flat roofing installations, it’s our hope this post will provide you with some useful information.



When it comes to the price of flat roofing installation, customers will find that this type of roofing is one of the most economical choices available. Due to the fact that flat roofs lack pitch, the cost to insure roofers is significantly less because a flat roof is generally harder to fall off of. Flat roofing installation also requires fewer materials, helping to drive down the overall cost of the project and ultimately benefiting you, the customer.


Available Space

Another great benefit of flat roofs is that they provide loads of usable space. Many homes throughout our area have upstairs rooms that have walls positioned at extreme angles. This takes up easily livable space that could be useful for many homeowners. With flat roofing, however, you’ll have more available space to entertain guests with a patio or rooftop deck.



While historically, people have steered clear of flat roofs due to their ability not to naturally drain, our trained and certified roofers can apply a rubber coating to a flat roof to help get rid of any holes or crack that may lead to a leak and in turn help your flat roof last longer.


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