5 Signs it’s Time to Call a Roofer

Here at Philly Roofing, we’re committed to helping local residents identify warning signs before it’s too late. As long as you’re aware of what to look for, our experienced technicians can offer solutions to your roofing problems. If any of the issues listed below relate to what you’re experiencing, make sure you act quick! If left unaddressed, roofing problems only get worse and more expensive to fix.

  1. Is there any damage to the shingles?

Shingles certainly take a beating as the years pass by. After holding on strong for a long time, they’ll begin to succumb to the deteriorating effects of the elements. If your shingles are curling, cracking or buckling, it’s a sign they’ve seen better days…Sometimes, if this happens only a few years after the installation, it might’ve been done incorrectly or with poor quality materials.

  1. Have any disappeared?

Since your roof is already making a cry for help if your shingles are damaged, then you can probably already figure that there’s a much more serious problem at hand if you’re missing any. If you’ve noticed that a number of shingles have disappeared, don’t stress–just contact us here at Philly Roofing and we’ll help you make the best decision moving forward. Don’t procrastinate though, or else water can penetrate and cause leaks inside your home.

  1. Are there granules missing from your shingles?

Granules are responsible for protecting the entire structure of shingles from the sun. As the main contributor to early deterioration, sunrays will eventually get the best of the shingles and cause the granules to wash out and gather inside the gutters. When the protective layers have washed away, shingles will bake and damage the supportive structure below.

  1. Problems in the attic?

Animals love taking up residence in attics. If there are any creatures living in the top of your home, chances are they’ve created holes for nesting grounds. Not only are they getting by without paying rent, but they’re probably causing some serious damage to the entire system. If you live in a wooded area, tree branches might have also punctured the attic at some point, making it easy for unwanted guests to live rentfree.

  1. Is any of the flashing missing?

When vents, skylights and chimneys are installed, they all need to be surrounded with flashing. This prevents water from penetrating into the cracks and causing water damage. So, if the flashing on your roof has deteriorated, moisture can enter into your home and saturate your family in untimely repairs or a complete overhaul.

If any of these problems ring a bell, call us here at Philly Roofing at 215-848-4900 for a free estimate today.


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