Making Sure Your Roof is Prepared for Winter

As we enter deeper into the fall season and the leaves fly off the trees, it’s obvious the chillier weather is here to stay. Before we know it, the falling leaves will soon be replaced with snowflakes. Here at Philly Roofing, we want you to be as prepared as possible for the colder months ahead. Since your roof is the first line of defense in the protection of your home’s living space, we want to give you some tips on ensuring the quality of your roof throughout the next few months.

Remove debris.
Along with your gutters, it’s important to make sure the entire surface of your roof is also clear of leaves, pine needles, sticks and other debris. Not only does your roof look like it’s in bad condition when those objects aren’t removed, but they also hold moisture and can lead to mold, which can begin to ruin your roofing materials. As long as you feel comfortable about climbing up on your roof, you can use a broom, leaf blower or simply your hands to clear all the debris. Make sure you pay special attention to the valleys, which are the areas that are most susceptible to water damage.

Clean the gutters.
Depending on how long it’s been since you’ve last cleaned them, they could be completely stuffed with debris or, on the other hand, there are just a few small sticks and leaves. You really won’t know what it’s like until you climb up the ladder and take a look. Regardless of whether any blockages formed after summer storms, you won’t be wasting your time up there; leaves will be flying off the trees and into your gutters throughout the fall. By keeping your gutters clear, they won’t overflow with rainwater and cause damage to other parts of your home, nor will they become too heavy and begin to pull away from where they’re anchored.

Check for any damages.
After removing debris from the surface and cleaning the gutters, go ahead and inspect the cleaned surface for any issues. You should look closely to see if there are any shingles missing, or if any of them are cracked, curled or frayed. Check the flashing, as well, around chimneys, skylights and vent stacks. Usually, when leaks occur, it has something to do with the flashing. Trying to repair flashing yourself can be difficult, though, so contact a reputable roofing company like Philly Roofing if you feel like the problems require the knowledge and experience of a professional.

Ensure proper insulation and ventilation.
Without good airflow in your attic, you’re at risk for unusually high energy bills and roof leaks. If there aren’t vents positioned at the soffits, ridges and gables of your roof, condensation turns the hot air into moisture. This can eventually lead to mold and also rot the support mechanisms of your roof. Not to mention, the moisture can freeze in the winter and crack the surface, which can lead to leaks. In addition to damages, inadequate insulation and ventilation can make the very top of your home extremely hot. So when hot air can’t escape, it’ll find its way into your living space, placing more of demand on your AC unit.

By taking proactive measures, you’ll ensure the protection of your roof, home and wallet throughout the winter months!


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