Does a New Roof Enhance My Home’s Curb Appeal?

Whenever someone talks about “roofing” in Philadelphia County, they don’t often think about how a new roof might revitalize their home’s curb appeal, which is perfectly understandable. Most people don’t start thinking about the roof over their heads unless they’re dealing with a leak or other hardships that force them to get on the phone to an emergency roofer.

However, the roof has a genuine impact on your home’s curb appeal. Whether it’s been patched over multiple times or needs to be redone entirely, here are a few ways your roof can boost your home’s value in the eyes of potential buyers.

New Roofs Replace Old and Damaged Components

Damaged roofs — even if they’re functional — can make it more difficult to sell your home. The reason for this is that the materials used to create the exterior of the roof fade the more time they spend in the sun and inclement weather, which can cause your home’s curb appeal to plummet.

Plus, the more repairs you need throughout the life of your roof, the more likely it is that your roof has aged inconsistently. Inconsistent tiles or uneven aging of your roof tends to draw the eye away from the rest of your home and can create a scenario where your home becomes defined by the repairs you’ve had to make over the years. If you have plans to sell or are just interested in living in a place that looks well-maintained, investing in a new roof is an excellent way to boost curb appeal.

It Gives You a Chance to Showcase Your Personality

Whenever you have a conversation about aesthetics, you almost always are discussing your personality on some level. When it comes to your roof, you may not think that your personality has an impact on the kind of roof you choose, but various options can add character to your home.

Gabled roofs, different styles of roofing materials, and bold colors are fantastic ways to communicate a little part of who you are to the world through the uniqueness of your home.

It Can Emphasize Other Aspects of Your Home

Every remodeling project comes with the opportunity to use color effectively to draw attention to different aspects of your home, and your roof is no different. By choosing slate, tile, or shingles that add contrast to your home, you can emphasize different elements of the house. For example, you can pair the colors in a way that adds to your home’s aesthetics, such as installing a reddish-hued roof on your brick home.

To find out more about the impact a roof can have on your home’s curb appeal, or to find a roofer that serves Doylestown, PA, and the surrounding area, call Philly Roofing today!



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