Signs of Wind Damage to Roofs

Since 1950, Philadelphia has had over 2,000 windstorms involving wind speeds higher than 34 miles per hour. The City of Philadelphia’s website defines windstorms as weather events that do not necessarily bring hail, rain, or snow. While winds approaching 30 miles per hour may only cause minor tree damage, stronger winds significantly increase the possibility of property owners needing roof repair.

How Does Wind Damage Roofs?

Although it seems that wind shouldn’t weaken roofs because it travels over and above roof shingles, wind at any speed is subject to the laws of physics. For example, when wind blows against the side of a building, it will move upward and create uplift pressure against eaves and gutters. This uplift pressure condenses at the edge of a roof, producing a ripple effect of pressure underneath shingles.

As sustained or frequent wind gusts move over roofs, another type of pressure is created called suction (negative) pressure. Suction pressure is capable of detaching shingles a little bit at a time until they eventually get blown off the roof.

Philadelphia typically experiences at least one serious wind event per season. Even if you don’t notice any damage to your roof after a windstorm, consider having a roof inspection to avoid more expensive repairs in the future. For immediate emergency roof repair, Philadelphia residents call Philly Roofing for professional, courteous service.

Signs of Possible Wind Damage to Roofs

It is difficult to inspect your roof from the ground. You might be able to see missing shingles or badly damaged (peeling or curling) shingles from afar, but you can’t detect damage in its early stages. And that’s when preemptive repair is essential to avoid extensive roof repairs or even a complete roof replacement.

Another way to recognize wind damage is if you see discolored spots emerging on ceilings inside your home. This could mean the fascia and soffit have pulled away enough to allow water to leak through roofing elements.

Unfortunately, if your roof does develop a leak after a windstorm, it may take several weeks for the leak to become visible on ceilings. Depending on the type of home you have, water damage could be more extensive than you think in just that short period of time.

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