Spring Cleaning: Making Sure Your Commercial Roof is Ready for the Warm Months Ahead

Spring is an excellent time of year to clean your home and start some much-needed projects for your yard, but it’s also an ideal opportunity to clean and inspect your commercial property’s roof. Philly Roofing has created a checklist to make sure your roof is ready for a long, busy spring and summer. We’ll also dive into how our residential and commercial roofing company in Philadelphia can accomplish necessary spring repair projects to maintain your facility and grow your business.

Roof Inspection

A damaged commercial roof is a liable roof — and with April showers come water entering your commercial building. Without timely repairs, you’re looking at an extensive, costly renovation project. So, first and foremost — have a professional inspect your roof this spring! The exact signs of damage depend on the type of roofing material covering your commercial building.

Signs of a Damaged Roof

Asphalt shingles should be repaired if they start to curl, buckle, blister, or stain. Missing shingles also need to be promptly replaced. A steel roof may show signs of rust. Extreme denting may also lead to small holes. Although a flat roof may last longer than one with asphalt shingles, it still requires routine maintenance. Flat roofs must be repaired if they start cracking, chipping, or have other readily apparent issues.

Mold Inspection

Trapped moisture can create mold issues on just about any type of roof. Mold increases the risk of damage and water leaks, so it’s vital to have a roofing professional clean any mold, moss, or other growth found on your commercial roof.

Tree and Branch Trimming

Trees on your commercial property can provide shade and improve its curb appeal. Unfortunately, trees that are too close to your building create risk. A large branch that breaks off during a storm can cause damage, as well as leaves and pine needles collecting on your roof.

Interior Inspection

Minor leaks may be challenging to spot on your roof’s exterior. A professional needs to inspect the interior of your building to detect any signs of water damage, such as watermarks and mold.

Want to leave it to the professionals? Go ahead! To schedule an inspection of your commercial or residential roofing in Philadelphia, contact Philly Roofing today!


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