How to Storm-proof Your Roof

Searching for a qualified contractor to do emergency roof repair on your Philadelphia home can feel like a headache in the making. There’s doing background research, comparing quotes, asking what you hope are the right questions, following up on your inquiry, and so much more. The whole process can take a massive chunk out of your day, causing frustration or even making you feel overwhelmed.

It’s much easier to storm-proof your roof in advance! By doing this, you can help to avoid the need for emergency repairs following a massive storm.

There are three steps to storm-proofing your roof:

Conduct Regular Inspections

You must have your roof regularly inspected for signs of damage if you want to storm-proof your roof. The reason for this is that a lot of the damage a storm causes results from other issues with the roof itself. When a metal roof is punctured in the course of a storm, for example, there’s a good chance that it’s because of rust or other damage that was already threatening the integrity of the roofing material.

While inspecting your roof, be sure to look at:

  • The State of the Material: Worn-out roofing material sets the stage for roofing emergencies during a storm.
  • The Edge of Your Roof: Missing nails, loose tiles, or other signs of damage put your roof at risk of being torn at by high winds.
  • The Supporting Structure: The rafters and other structures that support your roof should be stable and in good condition. If the roof’s support is showing signs of rot, it’s far more likely to be damaged.

Perform Routine Maintenance

Once you’ve done an audit of your roof’s health, it’s essential to take the necessary steps to correct the issues you noticed. While a small leak can be brushed off as a minor inconvenience for a while, it can mean serious trouble down the line if it isn’t fixed quickly.

Secure Loose Sections

If you’ve done your inspection and conducted your routine maintenance, then you’re in good shape for the storm, right? The answer will be “yes” in most cases, but there is one last step you should take to guard against emergencies if your roof is made of shingles, tile, or other layered materials.

Taking the time to secure the loose sections of your roof will pay dividends in the long run, because it guards against a storm tearing the roof away and wreaking havoc on the structures beneath.

Have you needed emergency roof repairs? Are you looking for ways to protect the roofing of your Philadelphia home against storm damage? The Philly Roofing team has the experience and expertise necessary to make sure your home can weather the storm in peace. Give us a call today!


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