A Few Things You Should Know About Moss and Roofs

As a roofing company in Philadelphia, you can bet that we’ve had our share of questions related to moss and roofs. Though some homeowners think that it provides their homes with a little bit of charm — and it certainly can — it can also indicate that something could be wrong with your roof.

What is moss, when does it usually grow, and how?

There are many different types of mosses, and they are all small, flowerless, and non-vascular plants that usually form dense green mats or clumps. They grow and thrive the best in shady and damp environments. Although moss can grow all year, it grows the best from September to November and March to mid-June. Winter and summer are typically not ideal because there is not a lot of moisture in the air.

Is moss bad for a roof?

Yes. Not only can a moss’s roots damage shingles and lift them up, but as we mentioned above, it’s growth is commonly the sign of bigger issues. For example, because moss usually grows in both dark and damp environments, moss growth is often a stark sign that there is water damage and potentially holes and leaks in the roof and your home.

Do you need a new roof if you find moss on it?

Not necessarily. Just because you see moss, it doesn’t mean that your home has any damage (yet.) Some sections of your roof might simply be shaded enough that it enables moss to grow.

If your roof has moss, we do suggest that you work on removing it sooner rather than later to help prevent the roots from damaging the singles. While removing moss is something homeowners can do, a roofing expert will help to guarantee the growth is completely eradicated.

Can a metal roof have moss growth on it?

There is no denying that metal roofs are durable and highly functional when compared to other roofing materials. But, unfortunately, some mosses can grow on metal roofing — like steel — especially if your home is covered by shade.

We hoped that you learned a little bit more about moss, how it affects roofing systems, and why it should be removed!

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