Top 5 Signs You Need a New Roof

If you own a home, chances are you like to keep it dry and safe. Unfortunately, many homeowners tend to neglect small issues in their roof, causing those small issues to become big ones over time. If you notice any of these five issues, be sure to call our qualified roofing contractors in Bucks County PA to keep your roof from developing more expensive issues.

1) Your shingles are curling. The next time you’re putting up Christmas lights or cleaning out your gutters, take a look at your shingles. If they are beginning to curl or warp in on themselves, this is an early sign of weathering damage that can quickly lead to leaks.

2) Your roof is turning 25. The lifespan of a single asphalt shingle is between 20-to-30 years. The condition of your roof will highly depend on factors including the weather in your area, maintenance-level, and the type of shingle, but if your roof is coming up on its 25th birthday, it’s a good idea to contact reputable roofing contractors in Warminster, PA to assess your roof’s health.

3) Sunlight is coming from your attic. Remember, if light can get in your home, so can rain, hail and snow! This can be a sign of anything from missing shingles to water damage, so it’s best to call a pro to assess the damage.

4) Your shingles are hosting moss. Don’t panic; this is more of a cosmetic issue than a pressing reason to replace your roof. Many homeowners panic when they see green granules growing on their roof wrongly believing it to be mold and choose to take matters into their own hands by power washing it away. This is a terrible decision, as it can quickly degrade the structural integrity of your shingles. If you really can’t stand the look of the moss, contact experts to remove it safely.

5) The roof is sagging. This one is a reason to panic. A sagging roof is most commonly indicative of a structural issue that can put your entire home at risk. If you notice your roof indenting in certain places, call a roofing expert immediately.

If you are in need of roofing repairs, be sure to contact our professionals here at Philly Roofing for quality results!


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