The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your Roof

Although we’re not quite there yet (just a few more weeks!), we are getting closer and closer to spring, or in other words, significantly better weather. And we don’t want to jinx it because it’s still a little bit too early, but we’re happy to report that we’ve had a mild winter in Philadelphia this year.

Better days are definitely coming shortly, and at Philly Roofing, we’d like to help you prepare for those better days by providing you with the ultimate spring cleaning checklist for your roof. We also offer installation, repair, and replacement for roof shingles in Bucks County, PA, and the surrounding areas. But without further ado, here is your roof’s spring cleaning checklist:

  1. Get those gutters cleaned out – If you followed our advice or other expert roofing advice, then you probably cleaned out your gutters in the fall, but now it’s time for a spring cleaning. The chances are pretty high that your gutters are now full of debris and leaves after the long winter. This is your chance to clean them out, so they’ll be good to go all summer.
  1. Check out the roof for any damage or loose shingles – We don’t suggest climbing up on your roof to check it out, but you can examine it from the ground. If you happen to see anything that you find suspicious, give us a call here at Philly Roofing. We’ll inspect your roof and determine if you need any repairs or new roof shingles in Philadelphia, PA, as well as other local areas.
  1. Trim any nearby branches – Do you have trees near your home’s roof? If so, you may need to cut any branches that cast a shadow on the roof of your house because (we hate to say it) they’re an accident waiting to happen. You can either do it yourself if you have the proper equipment or you can hire a professional arborist to cut back and trim any potentially dangerous branches.

By following this spring cleaning checklist, your roof will be ready for the spring and the summer. To learn more about our unmatched roofing services here at Philly Roofing, contact us at 215-664-8756.


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