What is Considered a Roofing Emergency?

If your roof requires emergency repair, knowing how to properly manage the situation is crucial to protect your home. Many contractors offer emergency roof repair in Philadelphia, but what is it, and when will you need it? A roofing emergency is when repair cannot wait for days or even hours in some instances.

Here are some roofing emergencies that require an immediate response from a roofing professional:

Missing or Broken Shingles Spread Over a Large Area

If you notice a large area of missing or broken shingles on your roof, then this is a roofing emergency. A broken shingle or two may not be an emergency but will need to be fixed over time to prevent any issues in the long run. However, if a large area is broken and rain or hail is expected in the region, you need to get your roof fixed immediately to avoid catastrophic consequences to your ceilings and structural foundation.

Severe Leaks Inside Your Home

The source of every leak must be identified, isolated, and fixed to protect your home in the long term. However, some are bigger emergencies than others. For example, if you notice a huge bulge in your ceiling with water dripping down or if there is a major leak in your home through your ceiling or wall, then you may need to get the problem addressed immediately to avoid any major impact to your property’s structure.

Roof Deck Rotting

If you notice significant rotting on your roof deck, then it is likely because of poor ventilation and moisture seeping through. This can be a structural danger in your home and should be handled immediately because the deck can fall anytime and risk the lives of you and your family members.

Fallen Tree on Roof

If a tree has fallen onto your roof during a storm event and rain starts gushing in, this is a roofing emergency. You cannot wait a few hours because of the damage it can cause to your property, which means you will need the services of an emergency roof repair specialist immediately.

Rapid response is key to tackling a roofing emergency. If you need immediate roof repair or siding services in Philadelphia, contact the experienced professionals at Philly Roofing. We can help you with any kind of emergency!


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